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The Advantages of Using Thin Stone Veneer for Your Next Project

Walkway built with Blue Select Bluestone Supplied by Fieldstone Center
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fireplaces-with-stone-veneerIf you have new construction or are doing a home improvement project, you will love the many advantages of using thin stone veneer. It can add beauty and increase the value of your property. Thin stone veneer is a popular choice for many good reasons.

4 Advantages for Using Thin Stone Veneer


Its versatile in its use and application. Easy to use in a variety of projects, you can use it as a standalone product for new construction or apply it to existing surfaces to accent interior and exterior features. Plus, it’s lightweight so there is no need for a footing or anchoring with a support ledge. Thin stone veneer adheres to a surface. Use it as inlaying in your landscaping, for the construction of an outside kitchen, for siding and cladding of your home, to reface or resurface your fireplace, and any number of other projects.


It captures the texture and color of the natural stone that it is cut from to create a gorgeous focal point in your landscape and an elegant touch inside your home. With the many types of stone available in veneer, you can find a style to fit your taste. Decorators love it because of the variety of beautiful stones that provide an abundance of colors, textures, and shapes to choose from. And the beauty lasts. Because it is natural stone, the color doesn’t face or discolor with time.

Low Maintenance

The natural stone qualities of thin stone veneer provide a timeless beauty that requires minimal care. The thin layers are cut from real stone that resists weather and ultraviolet damage if used in exterior projects. All that is needed for an exterior surface is periodic pressure cleaning. When used for interior projects, the product is usually sealed so you will only have to reseal it periodically. That’s it!

Durability and Hardness

Besides providing timeless beauty to your exterior and interior home, thin stone veneer has the hardness and durability of the stone that it is cut from. Natural thin stone veneer continuously outperforms other material alternatives because of its compressive strength and freeze/thaw durability. Depending on the natural stone, it will not easily chip or break. And if it does chip, you might not even notice since it will keep the consistency of the stone.

Another great advantage is that it is economical! Fieldstone Center provides quality thin stone veneer in a variety of styles and colors. Talk to us about your project and we can help you find the right product to fit your needs. Call us for more information at (770) 385-7708.

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