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Benefits of Doing Hardscape Projects in the Winter

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stone walkway projectThe winter season is here but you might not know it if you are seeing the beautiful daffodils blooming. While it’s been a warm winter, there is sure to be cooler weather to come. Yet, even if it wasn’t so mild, many people consider winter to be the best time for doing hardscape projects.

Why do Hardscape Projects in Winter?

Dormant plants

Like your perennials and grasses, weeds go dormant. And even evergreens are not actively expanding their roots like they do in the summer months. This makes it ideal to carve out space for a walkway, patio, driveway, and other hardscape projects without damaging the landscape. And the projects help to give a jump on your weeding come spring because you’ll have the hard materials in place to suppress the weeds.

Comfortable temperatures

One of the great things about working outside in the south during winter months is the mild climate. You can beat the heat and be comfortable when you choose warmer winter days. This helps not only in personal safety but in the application for stone hardscape materials. For example, the mild temperatures allow mortar to dry at a slower and more even rate. This makes it more durable with the result having less cracking and a longer life span.

Cost savings

Many contractors are slower during the winter months. People often don’t plan to do much outdoors this time of year and the result is that you can hire hardscape designers and contractors at a reasonable expense for projects during the offseason. Labor is not the only thing that is less in demand; demand for materials decreases also so you can get inventory at cost savings. This could equate to a sizeable savings and be applied to upgrades such as quality stone and additional luxury features that give you more for your money.

Better service

When business is slow, contractors are more motivated to get your projects underway and completed quickly. Yet they are not so rushed with the pressure of moving on to the next job. This helps them have the time to pay attention to the quality and details of hardscaping. And there is less wait for permit reviews. The permitting process can even become simpler because the focus is on your projects. There are less bottlenecking and interruptions in the projects as the process and communication improves.

More time to design

The slower season often affords you the chance to get it right. While there is less competition, hardscape designers can give you their undivided attention. They are less likely to rush you in discussions about different approaches including the design and style, material choice, and colors. And they are more likely to share ideas and provide more details about options for luxury features that you might not have thought about.

If you are ready to start hardscaping, winter is the perfect time. One of the best benefits of starting in winter is that no one will be using your yard so the work won’t disturb your routine. And come spring when you are ready to be outdoors, you’ll have that beauty of a new walkway, driveway, patio, or other hardscape feature to enjoy!

For assistance in selecting the materials for your hardscape projects, contact Fieldstone Center. We have been providing quality stone products since 1971 and have a wide selection to choose from. Call us at (770) 385-7708 for more information.

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