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Does Your Fireplace Need a Facelift?

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Classic-Living-Room-FireplaceAre you looking around your house and wondering which home improvement projects you should prioritize in the new year? With the fireplace being a potential focal point in any home, you don’t want to overlook it. It is not just a source of heat. Sure, with the winter season here, there will be more cold weather to light it up. But whereas an old and dreary fireplace might be functional, a beautiful stone structure will offer a luxurious setting where friends and family will want to gather around.

Here are 3 reasons to consider giving your fireplace a facelift.

Increase the value of your home

The fireplace is a big selling point for a home and an advantage that potential home buyers look for. It is a luxury item that can be the focal point of the entire house. To maximize your investment, understand that potential buyers are looking for both quality and appearance. Consider choosing the best materials, such as stone, that promise long-lasting beauty and low maintenance. A beautiful stone facelift that covers the entire wall and accents the fireplace can amaze your guests when they enter the room. Or customize your mantle with bluestone or limestone for exquisite beauty and unique details. It’s the lifestyle of luxury that you want and if you do plan to sell, potential buyers will be more willing to offer top dollar when they feel a house offers luxurious upgrades like a stone fireplace.

Reflect your home’s style

While remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms are well known for their return on investment, one of the main reasons is because people want modern living. They want updated appliances and everything to look like new. There is nothing that speaks ancient like an old, worn fireplace. It is often stained and chipped. As we mentioned, it is the focal point of the house so its appearance will create an instant impression. Make that impression one that reflects a style that is new and refreshing instead of old and boring. There are many options when you choose a material such as thin stone veneer – colors, textures, patterns, and types of stone – to reflect the style that maximizes the effect for impressing.

Get limitless possibilities

When remodeling, many people worry about what’s realistic to do inside the home and with due reason. You want to spend what is appropriate for the right return on your investment. The great thing about giving your fireplace a facelift is that you have options. Whether you tear out the existing design and reface it for a completely new look or keep the design and reapply a new face over it, the possibilities are limitless. And with selections from natural to manufactured stone products, it’s practical to add the beauty of stone for a stunning result at the level of improvement and price you can afford.

Having a functional fireplace is great this time of the year, but when the fireplace gets a facelift it will be even more appealing. You’ll want to invite friends and family over to show it off! For more information on stone products to redesign or reface it, contact Fieldstone Center at (770) 385-7708.

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