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Projects Using Thin Stone Veneer in the New Year

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stone-fireplace-in-luxury-roomrAs you ring in the New Year, are you making a list of projects for your home or business in 2017? Like many, you might be thinking of renovating with thin stone veneer for an interior or exterior project. It’s practical, versatile, stylish, and economical. There are many ways to incorporate it into your plans.

5 Ways to Use Thin Stone Veneer


One of the great things about thin stone veneer is that it can be applied to almost any surface – like an existing fireplace. You can cover up that old brick to liven up the fireplace again or build one anew. You will be amazed at how easy it is to give your room a new look! Build a timeless fireplace feature with a hearth or modernize your home or business with no hearth. The fireplace will not only be the focal point of one room, it’s often the focal point of the entire house.


If you have done a lot of landscaping but still think something is missing in your front entrance, you might want to look at the building. Adding a stone façade is an all-weather, exceedingly durable, low maintenance option for siding that naturally complements your landscaping.

Decorative Columns

Whether inside or outside, decorative columns give a regal appearance to an entrance or room. One advantage of adding columns is that you don’t need a lot of stone to create stylish features. And by using thin stone veneer, you have an abundance of colors, textures, and shapes to match any decorating style.

Indoor Office Wall

When you want professionalism, a thin stone veneer wall adds ageless beauty that maintains its appearance and creates a powerful statement about quality and detail. Install it on one office wall and it will impress every business acquaintance who visits you. That’s important for a first impression!

Indoor/Outdoor Entertainment Areas

With homes becoming entertainment zones, many are looking at a wet bar on the first floor. Stone entertainment areas are popular luxuries and thin stone veneer is a favorite choice for many entertainment structures. When using veneer, there is no footing or support ledge required. There is no need to limit yourself; it can be used for many interior and exterior applications. Think wall units, stone grills, pizza ovens, and full-blown outdoor kitchens. The possibilities are endless!

Thin stone veneer is a decorator’s dream. Use your imagination for walls, columns, fireplaces, and any interior and exterior structure for your New Year’s project. It will quickly add beauty, increase the value, and impress for many years to come.

Fieldstone Center offers a wide selection of thin stone veneer products for residential and commercial use. You can trust us to provide high quality products for stylish accents and long-lasting beauty. Contact us at (770) 385-7708 for more information.

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