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6 Ways to Landscape with Stone

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backyard retreatAre you thinking of adding stone into your next landscaping project? Stone is a great choice whether you have a luxury backyard setting or a rustic retreat. It can add style and increase your property value. Because it is a versatile material, there are a number of different ways you can use it when designing a landscape.

Here are a few design ideas to landscape with stone:

Create garden beds with granite cobblestones.

The larger cobblestones can make a space appear larger while providing a barrier against weeds, grass, and mud. Stack the cobblestones casually for a rustic look or lay them evenly for a more sculpted look. Change the height of your stone beds to create depth while keeping the consistency of cobblestone for balance.

Lay flagstone for a patio surface or pool area.

Flagstone is a beautiful alternative to a plain, concrete pad. It has an abundant color palate and unlimited pattern options. You can choose from cut or irregular patterns, and use one consistent color or a variety of hues to create the look and feel you want.

Step into your own private space with stone steppers.

Use solid stone steps to create either an elevated or sunken area that gives the appearance of a private space. And if you have a hilly slope, add a stone staircase that leads to a hidden sitting area.

Customize your walkways by adding stone details.

Stone edging or pavers mix well with different materials such as concrete, gravel, or mulch. Consider laying cobblestone or pavers in sections of a sidewalk to break up the concrete and provide visual appeal. Line your walkways for a sculpted look. Or, transition from concrete to stone to emphasize an approach to the door or an area that has a fountain.

Dress up your front entrance with drystack columns or retaining walls.

If you have smaller area, give the appearance of height by stacking drystack stones to form columns. And if you have a large, sloping yard, create a terraced landscape by dividing the levels with drystack retaining walls.

Build a stone fire pit and seating area.

Using pavers, design a round or square fire pit, expand the area by paving the ground, and then frame the area with stone benches. It will be a little extra luxury that makes your backyard space a stylish hangout with friends and family.

Stone is the perfect material to add luxury and rustic elements to your outdoor space. Mix and match stone materials for a dramatic effect or blend materials for visual interest. The combinations depend on the look you want to have and what you feel is right.

Fieldstone Center has a wide selection of stone to choose from. We can help you decide on the right stone to use in your landscape design. Contact us for assistance at 770-385-7708.

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