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Add Value to Your Home with a Natural Stone Fireplace

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stone-fireplaceFireplaces are one of the most sought after features of a home and perception is everything. When you walk into a room with a natural stone fireplace, there is an instant feeling of comfort and luxury. It appeals to your senses and beckons you to come get warm, relax and enjoy the fire. While a fireplace always adds value to your home, one that is made with stone materials can significantly stand out and increase your home’s appeal.

3 Ways Stone Fireplaces Add Value to Your Home

Unmatched beauty

Stone brings in the beauty of the outdoors. The natural tones mix and match well with different materials inside your home. No matter what your taste is for decorating, you can find a stone that enhances your home environment while being classic instead of trendy. There are many types of stone that can complement a setting whether rustic or elegant, traditional or modern, or of Victorian or pioneer influence. Consider a customized limestone, bluestone, and sandstone surround for a unique beauty that you cannot find in most products today.

An impressive statement

Nothing compares to the statement a natural stone fireplace produces. Natural stone accents are valued for their unique attributes and create an impressive structure that is an instant focal point. Known for its strength, stone is a luxurious option that makes a grand statement time and time again. Thin stone veneer is a good choice for designing an artistic structure that has the right blend of colors and shapes while also giving a quality, polished look. You can have rectangle and square patterns, drystack stone, or freeform, irregularly-shaped wall stone patterns. To make the room look larger, install the thin stone from floor to ceiling or wall to wall and you are sure to make a strong impact!

Low maintenance

With stone, you get instant appeal that is effortlessly elegant and exceptionally durable. While different stone materials have different levels of hardness and durability, the natural surface is long-lasting and will blend in if it chips or scratches. It doesn’t require much care if it is properly sealed and protected after being newly installed. A natural stone, such as limestone, can stand up to decades of use and will continue to look more naturally beautiful over time.

Your residence will look amazing with a natural stone fireplace and you will benefit from the beautiful, timeless upgrade of stone when you put your house on the market. Depending on the design, there are many types of stone to choose from. Fieldstone Center can help you with the design and type of stone that is just what you want. Contact us to see our selection and to get assistance at (770) 385-7708.

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