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Amazing Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Stone

Cherokee Drystack
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paved walkway to front doorCurb appeal is an important factor in valuing your property. It’s what people first see when they come to visit you or drive past your property. To make an amazing first impression, add stone features. Stone is low maintenance and provides long lasting beauty.

4 Ways to Use Stone to Improve Curb Appeal

Line your driveway with stones

When guests come to visit, they most likely will pull into your driveway. Line your driveway with granite cobblestone or aggregates for a sculptured appearance that is sure to impress! Granite cobblestones are well known for their beauty and durability, and they are commonly used as pavement material. You can also alternate areas of your driveway with cobblestones and aggregates to create a pattern. Whether you mix the stone to create a dramatic first impression or blend them for a smooth transition, it will show you pay attention to the details.

Customize your walkway

The walkway to your front entrance can look amazing when you replace it with natural flagstone. It’s a great alternative to the concrete sidewalk that leads up to your front door. Flagstone has an abundant color palate and unlimited pattern options, including cut or irregular patterns to complement your home’s style. If you have elevation differences, add in a few bluestone steppers for a sophisticated look.

Apply stone on the façade

Your guests will be looking at your home and what it’s built with. Having stone on the façade is one of the most luxurious materials to create a great impression. Using thin stone veneer can make applying stone economical while enhancing your home’s architectural features. The best benefit: you’ll get the beauty of stone features that no other material can compare to!

Transform difficult areas with aggregates

A perfectly manicured lawn can be difficult to achieve and expensive to maintain. By using aggregates as groundcover to fill in areas where grass and plants are difficult to grow, you can transform these areas to a point of interest with a fountain, statue, bench or seating area. Further minimize your maintenance by placing aggregates around your trees, shrubs and flower beds in lieu of mulch. Decorative gravel comes in many varieties of size, shapes and color blends for long-lasting beauty.

Stone is the perfect material to create an amazing curb appeal that also can increase the value of your home. For assistance on selecting the right stone for your purpose, contact Fieldstone Center at 770-385-7708. They can help you choose from a wide selection of quality stone.

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