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Bringing the Beauty of Natural Stone into Your Home

Half Fire Brick (850 per Pallet) 9"x 4" x1 1/2
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interior-decorating-with-stoneWhen you bring natural stone into your home, you bring a luxury of unmatched beauty. It can increase the value of your home and give a powerful statement. Beautiful, reliable and practical, there are various ways to incorporate stone into your interior. Versatile to use, it fits in perfectly with almost any setting. You can bring it into multiple rooms so it flows through the house or create a focal point that makes a strong impression.

Ways to transform your living space with natural stone


Nothing warms the home like the distinct, rich tones of natural stone. A stone fireplace prevents a living space from feeling cold and dismal. Whether used for a section or to build a fireplace from floor to ceiling, thin stone veneer is a common choice because of its versatility and ease to install. Fieldstone Center also specializes in fabrication of custom cut limestone, bluestone, and sandstone for a fireplace surround that is one of a kind.

Architectural Features

Working with stone is an art form that can enhance your home’s architectural features and add in new features to soften the appearance. Use it to bring attention to columns and archways. Blend the unique characteristics of stone on walls to give an inviting accent to any room. From the elegance of a rubble design pattern to the rustic beauty of a web wall, you can define your space to your own personal tastes.

Entertainment Area

The earthiness of stone appeals to the senses. It lends a sense of calmness and peace to the ambiance, creating a sanctuary for you to invite guests to relax and unwind. Incorporating it into your entertainment area makes sense. Adding stone gives uniqueness, texture and color to a room. You can use it for the backsplash or build a wet bar. With options such as drystack, riverrock or veneer, you can create a cozy atmosphere with a welcoming feel.

Natural Stone Flooring

People have recognized the one of a kind look of natural stone flooring for a long time. There are numerous choices in colors and patterns when using flagstone indoors. You have amazing options to choose from, such as bluestone, limestone and slate. Any of these will bring an elegance into your home. And you’ll have the benefit of low maintenance on a floor that will give lasting beauty!

Make living in your home a little more enjoyable by bringing the beauty of nature inside. Fieldstone Center has a wide selection of stone for your interior design project. Come visit our showroom or contact us for more details at (770) 385-7708.

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