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Building a Beautiful Backyard Stone Waterfall

FS Sept 7 Blog
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Imagine yourself in your outdoor sanctuary listening to the bird’s chirp, feeling the sunshine on your skin, and thinking about how nice it would be to hear the rippling of a soft stream. You can make that happen with a stone waterfall!

Have a Plan for Your Stone Waterfall

Stone waterfalls add a tranquil energy to your oasis and are fairly easy to do yourself. When selecting a location for your waterfall, here are some elements to remember:

  • Location: make sure you choose an area you can enjoy it
  • Foundation: you can build your stream above ground if digging is difficult
  • Slope: for faster moving water, make the slope steeper
  • Sound: the quieter the sound, the smaller the height
  • Size: plan you stream size

There are different styles of backyard waterfalls so it’s important to choose what is best for you. No matter the space you have, there is sure to be a waterfall you can enjoy!

Types of Stone Waterfalls

  • Multistep Waterfalls: use multiple platforms to create a series of waterfalls
  • Waterwells: allow water to fall along a wall, reducing the noise level
  • Pondless Waterfalls: look natural, but end in a rock/stone-filled reservoir
  • Rain Curtains: create a thin line of droplets that fall into a small reservoir
  • Cascading Waterfalls: one large drop that spills into rain and down a reservoir or pond

Adding a stone waterfall to your backyard will reduce stress, promote relaxation, create added beauty, and in some cases, hide road noise. Fieldstone Center services businesses and residents needing stone supplies and masonry materials across the Southeastern United States. Stop by our center today!

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