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Building an Awe-inspiring Rock Wall

Belgium Regular 5″x5″x9″
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riverrock-wallThe rock wall is one of the structures in landscape design that can add both stunning beauty and purpose. It can give a sense of antiquity and also be distinctly unique. While the natural look of stone can make the wall blend in with any surroundings, its very structure can be imposing. It doesn’t matter if you install a rock retaining wall or a freestanding wall, it seems to always be a work of art that adds to the inspiration of the landscape.

The beauty of rock walls can vary depending on the type of stone and how it is used. Stones can be piled randomly or cemented in place. They can create a wall that takes on a rustic appearance or one that has an elegant style. The different looks you achieve when building a rock wall are limitless. To help you imagine one in your landscape, we’ve highlight a few possibilities.

4 Types of Stone for Building a Rock Wall

Drystack Stone

The flat surfaces of drystack stone require methodical stacking with or without mortar. Used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations, drystone walls are more recently reminiscent of pioneers in early American history. Drystack stone can give a rustic look to any outside area. It is easy to work with and versatile for building applications. Consider building stretches of rock walls to mark property boundaries, as a retaining wall along a terrace, or as a short freestanding wall around a patio area.

Granite Cobblestone

When used to build rock walls, granite cobblestones produce a traditional, old world charm that is a reminder of the beautiful garden walls in Europe. The setts are rectangular in shape and similar in size so they are easy to stack for a neat, even-structured wall that can stand alone or function as a retaining wall. This is a popular decorative choice for a grand entrance or accent wall.


The random sizes and rounded shapes of riverrock fit tightly together when stacked and give a unique character to a rock wall. Blends of various colors of these earthen stone make these walls attractive and can bring out your inner creativity. Whether you set the riverrock in place with or without mortar, building this type of wall is time consuming. It takes a while to find the stone that fits just right. But the end product is a beautiful retaining or freestanding wall that brings a relaxed and informal look with a bit of country charm to any garden or yard.

Thin Stone Veneer

The thin cuts of stone veneer are easy to apply on a new or existing outdoor surface to create a decorative stone wall. Because it is cut from natural stone, it retains the beauty and characteristics of the stone. There are numerous color choices and regular or irregular shapes for different looks. In addition, it is lightweight and less bulky, making it easier to work with and more economic. Use thin stone veneer to add sophistication to your landscape with curved accent walls and pillared retaining walls.

If you would like to get more inspiration for a rock wall, come visit our showroom and see our wide selection of stone. You can also contact us for information at 770.385.7708 or [email protected].

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