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Captivating DIY Stone, Rock, and Pebble Crafts

Oct 26th BLOG
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Stone, rocks, and pebbles are not only great for styling your outdoor living space, but they are great accent materials for inside your home. These materials give your space a natural feel that adds beauty to any space. Below are some great DIY stone crafts for both inside and outside your home; crafts even the kids would enjoy!

DIY Stone Crafts Inside Your Home

  • Stone candle holders
  • Mixed color beach pebble bathmat
  • Stone photo transfers (great outdoors too!)
  • Rock picture frames
  • Magnets for the refrigerator
  • Stone lamp
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Mudroom pebble mat

DIY Crafts Outside Your Home

  • Rock garden markers/painted rocks
  • Stone sculptures
  • Pea gravel planters
  • Rock box versus sandbox for kids
  • Family rock garden
  • Stone birdhouses
  • Rock fence to separate areas
  • Wired patio décor
  • Stone edging

Natural stone is long-lasting, durable, environmentally friendly, versatile, and cost effective. There are many ways to elevate your home using stone in addition to the fun crafts listed above.

At Fieldstone Center, we have a vast amount of stone, rock, and pebble products for you to choose from. You can create DIY stone masterpieces and our experts will guide you on the best products to use along the way.

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