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How to Create a Landscape that Stands the Test of Time

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ornate rock wall in landscape

Stone will stand the test of time. It is durable and long lasting. Its use in landscape design is called hardscaping. And while stone is hard, it also gives a softness to landscape design projects. The trick is to use it so it blends seamlessly with the natural environment. When done well, adding stone into your landscape creates a design you can appreciate for a lifetime.

How do you create a landscape that lasts and is appreciated for years?

Choose the best materials for the purpose.

Paved walkways and patios give permanence to an area but don’t have to be boring. Concrete is boring and also cracks over time. You want function, longevity and attractiveness. Using quality materials that are durable and weather well is important. Stone is one of the most durable, long-lasting materials used in landscape design projects. And it provides a natural beauty that can look attractive in any setting. It also doesn’t fade so it maintains its color. With its versatility, stone can be used for walls, walkways, garden beds, patios, outdoor fireplaces, firepits, seating areas, and more.

Incorporate low maintenance elements.

When you have areas that require little effort to maintain, the landscape maintains itself and shows the way you want it to look for a long duration. Stone resists weather and ultraviolet damage. It requires minimal maintenance. It is hard and if it chips or scratches, it is not easily noticeable. Use natural stone to hardscape areas where plants are hard to grow or in place of lawn so you can reduce your watering and mowing. The result is that you will be incorporating low maintenance elements with the permanent beauty of stone.

Build strong structures.

When you think of landscapes that have endured, you might think about rolling hills divided by stone walls that have lasted generations. They stand the test of time. Stone walls are strong structures that can be built directly into a sloping or terraced landscape, or to form boundaries along a property edge or patio area. And there is a large variety of stone that can be used to build strong structures in a landscape. In addition to stone walls, think about granite cobblestone driveways, bluestone steppers, flagstone seating areas and stone veneer building facades.

Design for lasting impressions.

Blending strength of structures with the living environment is an art when done well. Mix stone with other materials or other stone to create a rustic look in a wooded or casual environment. Use it in solid lines or geometric shapes for a more formal, well manicured landscape. Impress by choosing a material that adds value to the surroundings and matches the style so it seems like it belongs there. Look at the origins of stone. For example, fieldstone is popular in agricultural settings, riverrock along river settings, and ledgestones along more rugged, cliff settings.

When it comes to creating a landscape that stands the test of time, stone is a versatile option. It impresses while continuing to look beautiful and endure the elements season after season.

Fieldstone Center has a wide selection of quality stone for many types of landscape projects. If you would like see our selection or find out more information, contact us at 770.385.7708.

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