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Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area

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With the perfect outdoor entertainment area you’ll want to hang out with friends and family all summer long. Now that spring is here, summer is not too far away. That means you might be thinking of what you’ll need for the perfect patio area to host gatherings and events.

Tips for Building a Patio for Outdoor Entertainment

Choose the right space.

When you plan to create an outdoor entertainment area, choose the right space that is functional for what you want to do. A large space can have multiple sections for luxuries to enhance the entertaining area while a small space can create a quaint gathering.

Think accessibility.

A space directly near a door makes for easy access to step outside while still being near restrooms and other necessities. Yet patios set back from the house give a unique privacy that works great for fire pits and luxury gardens where you might want to escape and get some peace and relaxation. No matter where you locate your patio, installing paths or walkways with good lighting will improve the accessibility.

Select durable, lasting materials.

Flagstone is our suggested material for laying down your patio surface. By selecting stone, you can choose a durable, long lasting product that is versatile for outdoor entertainment areas. It adds beauty to the surroundings and helps increase the value of your home. Additionally, flagstone has numerous types of patterns, textures, and colors to choose from to fit your personal taste. View of flagstone products.

Maintain flow.

If you have various areas or levels to your patio space, plan to keep the floor flowing throughout with flagstone pavers and other complimentary materials such as gravel. When there is a change in level, stone steppers can help maintain the flow and look stunning.

Determine design.

You have many options when thinking how much structure you want to build into your patio. You can choose to cover the patio or keep it open and airy. Stone veneer columns work great as the base for a roof while also allowing the option for open space. If you choose not to cover the area, stone retaining walls can help give privacy while creating an enclosed area. Or, you might want an open patio with a built-in kitchen or fireplace to gather around.

There are many things you can do to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area. Building an outdoor kitchen lets you prepare meals and entertain at the same time. Even the smallest spaces can accommodate the basics for grilling and entertainment and look amazing. Depending on your budget and space, consider other luxury add-ons like a custom pizza oven or bar for more stylish entertaining outdoors. Additionally, waterfalls with pleasing sounds and other stone features can help set the tone for a relaxing ambience.

Once you’ve planned your outdoor entertainment area, contact Fieldstone Center, Inc. at 770.385.7708 for assistance in selecting quality stone products.

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