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Is Decorative Stone Right for Your Landscaping Project?

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river rock wallThere are many materials you can choose in your landscaping design and decorative stone is one of the most versatile and luxurious to enhance the natural elements for any home or business. Decorative stone is natural stone used in construction or for ornamental purposes. It gives each landscaping project its own unique, architectural appearance. There are many benefits for its use.

Here are some reasons to consider using decorative stone:

Solid Barrier

Stone creates a solid barrier in your garden or lawn. Whether you want to build garden beds or a retaining wall, drystack stone and granite cobblestones are great options. You can stack stones low or high, long or short. Keep the weeds out and eliminate fungal and insect problems. Depending on how you use decorative stone in your landscaping design, it is an excellent material to control erosion.

Timeless Beauty

It gives a timeless feel to a boundary or terrace. Instead of a fence, stack riverrock or drystack stones to create a wall along a portion of your property or to terrace a hilly landscape. You can also create a stone wall around a patio for a private enclosure. And because stone is weather-resistant, it looks just as fabulous over time!

Ornamental Design

Create a beautiful, ornamental design. Bluestone steppers are a very popular choice when it comes to stones that are used for steps along a walkway. There are also a number of designs for pavers that give an ornamental look to walkways and patios. In your garden, add rock boulders as decorative objects instead of statues. Or use larger aggregates or granite cobblestones as a unique edging along paths or a driveway.

Minimal Maintenance

Stone is hard and durable, requiring minimal maintenance. Lay smaller aggregates along paths or mixed in your garden in lieu of mulch. Aggregates can also be intermixed with paving stones for a casual yet clean look. Aggregates and other stones are long lasting, so unlike mulch, you won’t need to replenish them each season. And when used in areas to replace grass, they help conserve water.

Stone is a great investment and adds a decorative touch to hardscaping. When designing your landscape, remember that stone can mix well with other materials to create a rustic look or it can give solid lines and structure for a well manicured appearance.

Decorative stone for landscaping is available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you want to use stone in a large portion of your landscaping design or as an accent, Fieldstone Center has a wide selection to choose for your next project.

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