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The Elegance of Natural Stone

interior stone veneer walls
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interior stone veneer wallsWhen you use natural stone in the interior or exterior of your home, you are creating an elegant appearance that adds value. You can enhance an entryway or provide a focal point to a room by using stone on the façade or walls. In a garden, it gives structure when you use it to construct a wall or path. It’s the perfect fit for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, outdoor patios, and gardens when you want to display an elegant style.

5 Ways Natural Stone Creates Elegance for Your Home

Classic and timeless

Have you ever driven around homes in a stately neighborhood and had your eyes drawn to the stone facades? Stone adds a touch of class that weathers beautifully with time. It is extremely durable and low maintenance, providing lasting beauty. It’s appearance even on newer homes takes us back to the magical days of the Old World and all its elegant beauty.

Unrivaled for beauty

Natural stone provides an exceptional and special beauty that other materials cannot compare to. There is something about the finished, polished look of stone that even the most experienced craftsman cannot achieve using other elements. Synthetic materials just cannot rival the appearance and feel that it offers.

Rich, distinct tones

The earthiness of the stone is appealing no matter where you place it. The very thought of using bluestone, limestone and slate in your home conjures up visions of richness and distinctiveness in neutral tones that can match any décor. Depending on the type of stone you choose, you can seamlessly integrate it with all the color schemes of your home and show off your sense of style.

Variations to be enjoyed

Stone has its own natural characteristics such as color, texture, pattern, as well as hardness and porosity. With the various types of stone, you can find the perfect type for your own, unique style! Use it to create your own space whether for a rustic flair for the fireplace, with warm, welcoming arches at the front, or with a neat, sophisticated entertainment area outside.

Versatile flexibility

A great advantage of stone is that it can be used in a myriad of construction applications that show you’ve paid attention to the details. This helps to add to its unique beauty when you can apply it to columns and arches to create an eye-catching entrance. When used in multiple rooms so it flows through the house or within the garden, it can create a grand impression!

Natural stone can create an ambiance and bring an elegant style to your home. Fieldstone Center has a wide selection of stone for the right fit that matches your style. Come visit our showroom or contact us for more details at (770) 385-7708.

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