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How to Properly Maintain Stepping Stones

Feb 8th BLOG
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General maintenance of your stepping stones is minimal, but needs to be part of your maintenance routine. With foot traffic and environmental factors, it’s important to keep your stepping stones looking great for years to come!

Clean Sweep

In order to prevent organic stains, it’s important to sweep and hose (or pressure wash) off your stones. Organic stains can be from falling leaves or dirt tracked onto the stones. 

Just Say No to Rust

Fertilizers contain iron, which can leave stains on your stepping stones. After spreading fertilizer, be sure to sweep the surface of your stones to prevent rust spots. Once rust stains have developed, using a professional product will help you remove the stains.

Party Foul

When enjoying your outdoor oasis with friends and family accidents can happen, especially during a fun-filled backyard BBQ. If food or beverages are spilled onto the stones, it’s important to clean them up immediately. A little bit of warm water and dishwashing detergent or a stone soap product, will help remove the potential stain. Use a clean, soft cloth for best results.

Consider Sealing

Sealing your stones will not prevent stains but can make your stones more stain-resistant and easier to clean. Sealers prevent stains penetrating deep into the surface and prevent weeds from growing inside the joints. There are many types of sealers to choose from, some of which offer different finishes. Choosing the right sealer depends on the desired look of your finished project.

Winter Wonderland

For people who live in colder climates, there are additional steps to take in order to maintain your stepping stones. De-icing salts should be applied sparingly as they can damage your stone over time. It’s also important to not use equipment that can scratch the stone.

Oil Spill

An oil or grease stain on your stone can be scary, but it is possible to fix! Start by blotting the spill with paper towels or a sponge. Once the substance is absorbed, it’s best to remove the stain with an approved stain remover in order to not damage the stone.

With proper maintenance and care, you will be able to enjoy your stones for a very long time. Sweep and wash your stones regularly and a good rule of thumb is prior to using any cleaner, test it out first on a leftover stone piece from your installation. If you do not have one handy, contact the experts at Fieldstone Center, and we will be happy to help! Make sure to check out our landscaping products here.

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