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How to Transform Your Outdoor Space with Stone

outdoor kitchen area
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If you want to extend your living area to the outdoors, choose stone for its versatility to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Stone is a beautiful choice that can add luxury for entertaining or increase the charm of a rustic retreat. It can also help increase your property value.

Ideas for transforming your outdoor space:

Customized walkways

Create ambience immediately with a customized stone walkway that leads you and your guests to your paradise. When you replace the concrete, you have many beautiful options such as laying flagstone. Lay the flagstone down in a regular pattern for a sophisticated setting or mix the flagstone with aggregates for a rustic appearance.

Raised garden beds

Go vertical with your garden when you stack drystone to raise your garden beds. By using varying heights and textures of stone to show off your beds you can add amazing visual appeal. Use larger stone products to make your space appear larger and smaller aggregates to draw attention to the details. Place stones uniformly for a structured look or randomly for a more casual look.

Outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has become a central gathering place for many backyards. Think beyond the standard grill when you add all the essentials – oven, fridge, sink, wet bar, etc. – for your outdoor convenience. Stone veneer is a great product for building your outdoor kitchen and will impress everyone.

Fire pit

Imagine having a relaxing fire pit area to head to once the grilling is done and the evening sets in. Design a fire pit with pavers or stacked stone. For the full luxury experience, expand the stone area to include a paved area and built-in seating.

Columns and retaining walls

Increase the glamour of your space when you dress it up with stone veneer columns. Add the feeling of a private room when you build a retaining wall enclosure. Or choose to partially enclose the area. A wall along the back gives the appearance of privacy because it sets the area apart.

When you transform your outdoor space using stone, you have a wide selection to choose from. Stone products offer abundant color palates and unlimited pattern options to create the look and feel you want. Contact Fieldstone Center at 770-385-7708 for assistance in selecting the right stone to use in your space.

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