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Ideas for Mixing Materials in Garden Projects

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gravel-and-drystack-wallFall is almost here and it is a great time to do some garden projects. If you are finding yourself doing the same type of projects year after year, it might be time for a change. Although your mind might be on the plants in your landscape, you don’t have to limit your vision to the living environment.

Consider blending in hardscape materials to compliment your surroundings. Mixing stone materials into your landscape can provide lasting beauty and decrease your fall gardening chores so you have more time to enjoy. Stone is versatile and with numerous materials to choose from, you can mix and match different materials to create a unique landscape that fits your personal taste.

Here are a few ideas for mixing materials in your garden:

Pair larger rocks with smaller rocks

Smaller rocks such as pea gravel make a great alternative to mulch when spread around plants or trees. Incorporate in a few larger rocks or a boulder here and there for visual appeal. You can even create a dry creek bed between an area of trees by using larger riverrock or boulders.

Make a gravel path around stone garden beds

Garden beds can bring your plants up to your level and add a new dimension to your garden. They can also add a lot of charm when constructed of granite cobblestones or drystack stone. Entice yourself to walk along the beds more frequently with a gravel path that weaves around the area. There are a number of aggregates to choose from that would nicely complement your cobblestone or drystack beds.

Add pebbles to your paved walkway

If you are thinking of installing a paved walkway or patio, add visual appeal with beach pebbles placed in the space between pavers of a fieldstone walkway or as an edge. The pebbles will help to soften the look. Pavers and pebbles can be arranged in an orderly pattern or intersperse the pebbles for a more random design. You can also set pebbles and sand in concrete along the edges and corners of your patio to create a carefree edging design.

Create depth with wide layers of different aggregates

Aggregates are very versatile in their applications and can help to add layers to a landscape. Border a large area of plants and trees with a wide edge of pea gravel lined and a second edge of riverrocks. Or use large stepping stones in a wide gravel walkway to emphasize the size.

Give a reason to linger with a stone focal point

If you have a wide grassy area that looks plain, consider adding in a focal point in the center with a path. A custom limestone fountain or small waterfall made of drystack stones can create an interesting central focal point. Pave a small area with fieldstone around the feature and create a resting area with a few stone benches. Create a courtyard effect by laying a straight pea gravel path that passes around the focal point area and goes from one end of the space to the other end. Add intimacy to the area by surrounding it with a wall, such as one constructed with drystack stone, and gated entrance.

There are so many ways to incorporate stone into your landscape and mixing the different types of stone can add to your landscape’s natural beauty. Choosing the stone can be just as fun as creating the design! Fieldstone Center has a wide selection of stone material to choose from. Call us for more information at (770) 385-7708.

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