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Make a Statement with a Stone Fireplace

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statement_fireplaceImagine the statement you make when you add a stone fireplace in your home. It provides an amazing look and focal point when entering a room. It adds natural beauty to your residence. Known for its strength, it is a luxurious option for your fireplace that gives style and elegance.

When you add a fireplace or cover an existing one with stone, you get a timeless structure that fits in perfectly with almost any setting. This is because stone mixes and matches well with many different materials and with any taste in decorating that you have in your home. It will enhance the beauty of a room whether it is rustic or elegant, traditional or modern, or of European or Asian influence.

If you are building a stone fireplace, you will reap the benefit of having upgrades when you put your house on the market. Depending on the design, you will need to determine whether you want to go with a natural or manufactured product. A home with natural stone accents is valued for its unique attributes and recognized for its customization, which you cannot find in most products today. Manufactured stone mimics the beauty of natural stone and is less expensive.

Choose from a Variety of Stone Options

Whether you choose a natural or manufactured product, there are many choices. Common choices include veneer, limestone, marble, slate, and granite. Each of these has their distinct properties and will provide a different look to your fireplace. While stone is incredibly durable, some options are more durable than others. And you can get it cut with a beautiful shine or showing its natural texture. Depending on the type you select, you will have a variety of styles, patterns, colors, and sizes available that will make your home look truly amazing!

Many people consider marble to be the best option for the fireplace, but it is also the most expensive. Limestone and granite are two of the most popular choices and they offer prices that are affordable for the level of quality provided. All of these have color options that are gorgeous. But sometimes it can be difficult getting the right blend of colors and shapes. Thin stone veneer is another good option to create that right blend and turn your fireplace into a piece of art!

By working with one of our customer service associates or our outside sales associates at Fieldstone Center, we can help you with the design and type of stone that is just what you want. If it is a softer appearance you are looking for, we have selections of natural limestone with curved patterns. Or if you want to make a strong impact, we can design a fireplace with rectangle and square patterns, drystack stone, or freeform, irregularly-shaped wall stone patterns. We also can provide custom cut limestone, bluestone, and sandstone for fireplace surrounds.

What is the statement you want to make when your family and guests come into your home? Let that statement be strong, natural, and beautiful. Contact Fieldstone Center and get the perfect design and stone for your fireplace.

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