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Technical Data for Weathered Fieldstone

TypeWeathered Tennessee Quartzite
ClassificationIII quartzite; flagstone
Colorsgray/varigated/pink/brown/weathered gray
Patternsrandom; irregular
Finishnatural cleft
AbsorptionMax. 1.53%
DensityMin. 160#/ft
Compressive strength (dry or saturated)Min. 12000 psi
Modulus of rupture12000 psi
Abrasion resistance8

Chemical Composition

Iron oxide0.72%
Magnesium oxide0.42%
Titanium oxide0.25%
Calcium oxide0.10%
Loss on ignition0.60%
Silica (by difference)94.93%

*Fieldstone is created by rock slides from mountainsides, this is a “gathered product” NOT quarried from within ground. Same chemical composition and physical properties as Tennessee Quartzite. Only has a weathered exterior created by natural elements.