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The Stone Fireplace – A Quintessential Holiday Gathering Place

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holiday-fireplace-displayDid you ever wonder why some of the most beautiful and luxurious winter resorts always seem to have a stone fireplace when you enter? There is something irresistible about a stone fireplace throughout the winter season. When decorated with evergreens or having stockings hung from them, they are a hallmark of the quintessential holiday scene. A gathering place for family and friends, the stone fireplace offers many benefits.

5 Benefits of a Stone Fireplace


A custom-designed limestone surround provides a showpiece for the finest of homes. To make a grand statement, a stone fireplace can span from floor to ceiling. And while stone is luxurious, it is not exclusive to the rich. Thin stone veneer is lightweight and economical for covering an existing structure or creating a new one.


A stone fireplace goes perfectly well with any interior – classic, traditional, rustic, vintage, modern and contemporary designs. There are many types of stone with different colors and patterns to fit your decorating style. And with so many style choices, you can put a different design in every room.


Whether you think of the traditional stone hearth in the kitchen or one in the family room, stone fireplaces are more than a symbol of warmth and coziness. The natural characteristics of stone hold in heat and help maintain warm temperatures in a room. A stone fireplace beckons all to gather around while offering real warmth from the cold.


The warm tones of natural stone give a quaint feeling to any room. It’s more than relaxing. There is the lure of snuggling up together in front of the fire while watching the flames dance and crackle. It’s the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a romantic night at home.

Lasting Beauty

A fireplace constructed of stone provides long-lasting beauty that endures year after year. The natural beauty of stone brings the outside indoors. As you gather with friends this holiday season, you might be around a stone fireplace that is enhanced by seasonal decorations. It provides the most elegant backdrop for mantels creatively spruced up with evergreen garland and boughs.


Stone fireplaces bring out inspiration for people’s creativity in decorating and for singing about it. Perhaps you recall the traditional verses that include: “stockings hung by the chimney with care”, “chestnuts roasting by an open fire”, and “fireplace glowing and frosty winds blowing”.

Creating a beautiful stone fireplace has one other big benefit to homeowners. It increases the value of a home. The many benefits make this luxury worth adding. To find out more about how you can add a stone fireplace in your home, contact Fieldstone Center at (770) 385-7708.

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