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Stone Project Ideas for Your Winter Garden

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custom stone water featureHave you looked out in your garden lately and wondered what you could do to make it more appealing in the winter? If the warm weather isn’t appealing enough, then add stone into your winter garden. Stone is a beautiful and versatile material that adds interest to the garden.

A beautiful stone pathway

Since many plants and weeds are dormant in the winter, it is a good time to etch out a pathway in your garden. Flagstone is ideal for pathways because it is functional with its flat cut, non-slip surface and ability to handle high traffic. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors for every gardener’s style. Create a walkway with a pattern that weaves along in a casual way for an enchanted garden or is structured with well-defined lines for the sophisticated garden.

The perfect water feature

Place a water feature along your pathway for visual appeal and tranquility. A water feature can be quite easy to maintain in our mild winter climate. Design a unique, custom natural stone water feature that has character. Stack drystone to create a waterfall effect or place river rocks around a deep pool with a fountain to give the appearance of a pond. Using natural stone to design your water feature will give an authentic look that blends with your garden.

Textured groundcover of aggregates

Using aggregates as groundcover adds texture and color to different areas of your winter garden. You can place aggregates such as pea gravel or egg rock around your trees or use aggregates to replace large areas of grass. This decorative alternative to grassy areas not only adds interest to the landscape, it also provides a head start against weeds and helps to reduce maintenance come spring. Boost the creativity level up a notch by alternating different types of aggregates with layers of ground-hugging evergreen plants.

The intimacy of a rock wall

Building a rock wall can help dress up your landscape and provide vertical appeal to your winter garden. It also helps to divide up the space and create intimacy so that it doesn’t look so vacant in winter. Design a rock wall around a patio or to form a border. Drystack stone can be piled in a neat, organized manner for the meticulous garden or offset it in an irregular pattern for a more whimsical garden.

Decorative columns

There is something about columns in the garden that give a finished look. It’s that added detail that can provide an artsy flair or regal quality, depending on the type of natural stone material and design. Natural stone veneer is a popular material for decorative columns and is available in a variety of stones to match the style you want.

Fieldstone Center has a large selection of stone products for every project in your winter garden. Share your ideas and we can help you select the right stone for the application. Contact us at (770) 385-7708.

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