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The Showstopper Appeal of Stone Walls in Your Home

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A little goes a long way in creating showstopper appeal of stone walls in your home. You could replace a dated, painted accent wall with stone and transform the room, cover a bare, hard to clean area to make it more attractive, or add stone columns for an impressive entrance. Stone adds dimension that can transform a boring room into one that is impressive.

8 reasons why stone walls are so appealing

  1. It has timeless beauty. Stone walls date back through the ages and remind us of beautiful architecture that maintains its look over time.
  2. It adds textural interest. Imagine entering a room with floor-to-ceiling stone and think about how impressive it is with the depth it adds to the room.
  3. It is versatile for every style. With its simplicity, stone offers unique design features for the minimalist or a rustic style for the adventurist. Yet, it also provides a sophistication for an elegant room.
  4. There is a limitless range of types and colors. Large or small, rectangular or oval. The many types of stone vary widely. Colors also vary with ranges from grey, green blue, brown, red, purple, etc.
  5. It is customizable. Stone provides an additional detail to your home that is one of a kind. With all the different styles and colors, you can create a customized look that fits your personality and taste.
  6. It makes your home feel warm and inviting. Besides the attractiveness of stone that makes it so appealing, its natural appearance gives a welcoming feel.
  7. It is low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep. If it chips, natural stone will reveal a fresh surface underneath that blends well with the rest.
  8. It adds value to your home. Stone features have a good return on investment because they are so appealing, durable and long lasting.

Using stone veneer

Stone walls are a symbol of grandeur. Yet, while we might be reminded about ancient stone walls in magnificent fortresses, the walls in today’s homes have modern appeal. More specifically, stone veneer is the building material that makes bringing stone features into your home so easy. Stone veneer is lightweight and comes in natural or manufactured options.

Whether you use natural or manufactured stone, you can bring showstopping appeal into your home. Fieldstone Center has a wide range of stone veneer and can help you make the best selection for your project. For more information, contact us at 770.385.7708.

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