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Why Winter is the Best Time to Do Your Hardscape Projects

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As you finish up your fall chores, you might have thoughts of less outdoor maintenance with hardscaping. You might be eyeing a friend’s outdoor fireplace with envy and thinking about expanding your own living space outside.

Winter is coming, and it is a great time to do your hardscape projects. Whether you want to install a patio, driveway, edging, walkways, walls, fireplaces, fire pits, and other non-living elements in your landscape, don’t wait until the weather gets warmer. While you probably won’t have it done this season, you’ll be thankful to have it ready to enjoy when spring arrives.

5 reasons to do your hardscape projects in winter

Less destruction to your landscape

No matter how thoughtfully planned your hardscape project is, there will be damage to the living elements of your landscape. But as the grass, plants and trees go dormant, they will be less stressed from the construction of your project. You can also take advantage of the bare ground and trees because they offer a great visual of the space you will work in. Look at the space and think about how you can add a beautiful patio or walkway.

More time to enjoy the spring

Not only are you seeing less vegetation as the plants and grasses go dormant, but weeds also go dormant. By installing hardscape projects before spring, you’ll continue to suppress the weeds. Even smaller projects like edging and adding aggregates on your garden beds can be done now to help suppress the weeds. That way you’ll have less time to worry about landscaping chores and more time to enjoy outside when spring comes.

Temperatures are mild

The south has milder temperatures that make working outside more enjoyable. This is the time of year when you can avoid the heat. Not only does this help in your personal safety, but the mild temperatures help in the application of stone hardscape materials. While you should never set mortar in temperatures below 40 degrees, there should be plenty of days during the winter months to work outside. Another advantage with the mild temperatures is that mortar will dry slower and more evenly, resulting in a more durable and longer life span.

There’s less stress

During the winter season, hardscape designers, landscape designers, and construction crews slow down. They are more reliable since they are not as rushed to get to the next project. Less stress for them helps decrease your stress as they focus more on the planning, details, and implementation of your project. They give you their undivided attention and are more likely to discuss ideas, different approaches, material choice, colors, and other details that you might not have thought about.

More cost savings

Since it’s the offseason, landscaping and construction crews are more eager to work. There is less competition, so they can often be hired at a reasonable expense. In addition, materials are in less demand and more likely to have discounts. You could get a sizeable savings compared to installing hardscaping during warmer months. The result is that you could get more for your money. Consider applying the savings to upgrades such as quality stone and additional luxury features.

Another reason to do your hardscape project in fall and early winter is that you won’t be using your yard. We know your summer calendar will be busy so now is the time to add hardscaping without the interruptions later.

For assistance in selecting the materials for your hardscape projects, contact Fieldstone Center at (770) 385-7708. We have a wide selection of quality stone products to choose from.

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