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5 Ways To Implement Flagstone Into Your Summer Landscaping

flagstone path
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We’re feeling the GA summer heat too, but we also enjoy a mimosa on our back deck and what a beautiful addition Flagstone makes! But, what is flagstone? Flagstone is sedimentary rock broken up into layers and used for landscaping. There are many different types of flagstone, all with their own features. Some popular varieties include sandstone, quartzite, bluestone, and limestone.

Most flagstones come in one of two shapes:

  • Cut paver stones in different-sized rectangles with straight edges and clean lines.
  • Irregular, roundish stones used for “crazy paving,” which means fitting those random shapes together for an informal, natural look. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics of flagstone, let’s get into our eight design ideas for using them in your landscape. Flagstone makes a beautiful and natural looking addition to any outdoor space. Here are some easy ways to implement this summer:

    Flagstones are perfect for high-traffic areas like patios because their rough texture makes them slip-resistant. With flagstones, you can design your own patio to fit any home or landscape style. Use geometric shapes for a more formal look or irregular flagstones if you have a more eccentric flagstone patio idea. You can easily turn your flagstone patio into an outdoor living space by adding some patio furniture and a pergola or other cover. 
    There is really no limit to how many, or where you can put flagstone walkways. If you can imagine it, Fieldstone Center can help you implement it! If you want a storybook forest path winding through your garden, use irregular flagstones interspersed with grass or ground cover plants. If small children, elderly relatives, or other tripping-prone guests regularly frequent your house, you can create a smooth, straight sidewalk of flagstone pavers instead. A member of our team would be happy to help design the walkway of your dreams!
    Laying stepping stones will typically be cheaper than installing a traditional path, since you’re using less stone to cover the same amount of space. Aside from being cheaper, stepping stones are also more whimsical and adventurous. You can grow moss between the stones or lay some some smaller tones between. Here are some suggestions for which of our stones can be used. Either way, it will be absolutely stunning!
    Because flagstones are slip-resistant, they’re the perfect material for swimming pool or hot tub decks, where friends and family will regularly run around barefoot. Some types of flagstone, such as sandstone, don’t absorb heat, so they won’t burn your feet, either. Flagstones are also permeable, so you can splash them all you want without worrying about water runoff flooding your lawn. 
    What a cute and whimsical way to outline any garden. The rough uneven edges of flagstone allow for a wilder, more natural aesthetic. Since flagstones come in all different colors, you can find the perfect ones to match or contrast the colors of your plants.

No matter the use, Flagstone is a hit!

Since there are so many different types and styles of flagstone, you might want to contact our sales office to get help figuring out which one is best for your specific project. One of our pros can also help you come up with unique landscaping ideas for using flagstone in your yard. If you use a landscaping professional instead of going the DIY route, you can rest assured that your flagstones will be laid correctly so they can enhance your landscape for years to come. BUT if you are going the DIY Route, Flagstone is one of the easiest stones to lay because it can laid directly on soil.

Happy Landscaping!

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